Visual Identity

The goal of the logo development was to create an iconic mark for the society. A mark that is bold and prestigious. An additional challenge was to design it to have a modern openness, not a closed old-fashioned society crest look.


The design includes the following features 
and elements:

A colourful logo that gives the impression of being in nature and enjoying adventure and recreation, while still maintaining a sense of style and intelligence in the overall look. 


    • With the geometrical shapes, fonts, and colours, the logo has an art-deco feel which adds to the historical bird recording and cultural history of the society. 


Bringing to light the previous logo subject matter, the Atlantic Puffin is the central figure. Colourful, and symbolic to the Atlantic region, this bird is region specific and adds more of a sense of culture. The dark hills or rock cliffs in the back help make the setting seem more Nova Scotian and rustic.


The Nova Scotian flag is seen as another central focal point. It also works as a double-entendre due to the placement and shape where a society bow-tie is also seen. It is subtle and adds to the intelligence of the design execution.



NSBS logo sketch




Logo sketches on fine transparent paper. Image provided by Capture Branding & Design.