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All reservations for these book titles will be taken on a "first come, first serve basis" in order of the emails received. The site will be updated on a regular basis. Buyers will be advised as soon as possible after their reservations for details, payment and pick-up/delivery information.


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In 2015, well-known member, Blake Maybank passed away leaving a fairly extensive book collection and art pieces which were given to the Nova Scotia Bird Society by his sister. Blake had wanted members of NSBS to be able to use them and value them as he did so our members will have first option to buy.

A careful assessment of the value of each book was done by member Eleanor Parke, and those values are shown. Books are all in good or better condition. All money will go to support Nova Scotia Bird Society programs and projects.


This is not an auction but we retain the right to reduce the item prices. We expect that most books will be picked up in metro Halifax after being purchased, however if mailing is necessary, all postage and shipping will be at buyer's expense.

If the order has not been paid after 14 days, unless a suitable arrangement has been made, the book(s) will be re-listed and sold.



Estate of Blake Maybank – Book Collection Author Date Comments Price
A Guide to the Birds of Panama Ridgeley 1989   10
A Guide to the Birds of Venezuela Phelps 1987   30
The Birds of Ghana Borrow 2010   15
Birds of Columbia Hilty 1986   35
Birds of the Middle East Christensen 1996   20
Birds of Gambia and Senegal Barlow/Wacher 1999   45
Birds of Europe Jonsson 1992   40
Field Guide to the Rare Birds of Britain Leuington 1992   25
Birds of Java and Bali MacKinnon 1988   25
Birds of Nova Scotia Tufts 1986   60
Birds of Nova Scotia Tufts 1962   35
Complete Guide to the Birds of Europe Mullarney 2000   40
Birds of Hawaii and the Tropical Pacific Pratt 1987   20
Les Oiseaux de L'Ouest Africa Delachaux 1988   10
Robert's Birds of Southern Africa MacLean 1988   25
Guide to the Birds of Madagascar Longrand 1990   50
Birds of Australia Simpson & Day 1986   20
The Birds of Turkey Kirwan 2008   110
Birds of New Guinea Bulher 1986   25
Birds of Thailand Lekagul 1991   60
AOU Checklist of NA Birds   5th edition   25
Birds of the World Checklist Clements 1978   10
A Bird Finding Guide to Ontario Goodwin 1995   10
Atlas of breeding Birds of the Maritimes Erskine 1992 2? copies, one autographed 15, 25 signed
Finding Birds in Mexico - Supplement Edwards 1985   10
Guide d'observationsdes oiseaux de l'outouais -QC Beoquet 2007 2 copies 10
A Bird Finding Guide to Calgary MacDonald 1993   25
Bird Guide of West Virginia Buelard 1999   10
A Birders Guide to Churchill Chartier 1994   10
Birds of Swan Lake - Yukon Greenberg 1994   20
A Birders Guide to Wyoming Scott 1993   10
Some Common Birds Tufts 1934   10
Birds of Kingston Ontario Weir 1989 autographed 25
In Search of Arctic Birds Vaughan 1992   60
ABA - Birders Guide to Arkansas White 1995   10
The Birds of Alberta Salt 1976   10
Birds of the Yukon Territories Sinclair 2003   145
Birds of the Okanagan Valley Cannings 1987   25
Birders Guide to MetroAreas of N.A. Lehman 2001   10
Birder's Guide to New Hampshire delorey 1996   10
Birds of the Indiana Dunes Brock 1997 autographed 35
Birder's Guide to Idaho Svinger 1997   15
Birds of Oshawa - Lake Scugog region - Ont Toser 1974 autographed 15
Birdfinder - Bird Guide to planning N.A. Trips Coopers 1995   10
Birding Jasper National Park VanTighem 1988   10
Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Ontario James 1991 2nd ed. 10
The Birds of Prince Edward County Ont. Sprague 1984   10
The Birds of Nahanni National Park   1985   20
Birds of Presquille, ON   1980 2 copies 20 each
Birds around Belfast   1989 2 edition 10
Introduction to the Birds of Jamaica Taylor 1955   20
Checklist of the Birds of Eurasia King 1997   10
The Book of Indian Birds Ali 1979   10
Where to Watch Birds in Devon/Cornwall Norman 2001   10
Pictorial Guide of the birds of Indian Sub-continent Ripley 1983   10
Birders Guide to Bahama Islands White 1998   30
Birds of Bermuda Amos 1991   10
Best Birding Locations - Costa Rica and Panama Rogers 1996   10
Birds and Light Jonsson 2002   30
So Cranes May Dance Katz 1993 autographed 15
The Big Bird Race Oddie/Tomlinson 1983   25
Bill Oddies Little Black Bird Book Oddie 1980   10
Saskatchewan's EndangeredPlaces Jonker 1992   10
Nature Viewing Sites in and around Saskatoon Jonker 1992   25
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Massachusetts Nikula 2003   40
Dragonflies of Alaska Hudson 2006   45
Checklist and English Names of Butterflies   1995   10
The Natural History of Nova Scotia , Vol 2, Theme Regions Davis/Brown 1996   20
The Last Billion Years of geological History of the Maritimes Freeman 2001 autographed 15
Red Fox Henry 1996 autographed 25
The North Atlantic Coast: Cape Cod to Newfoundland Berrill 1981   25
Expulsions of the Acadians Clarke 1955   15
Butterflies of Turkey Baytas 2007   25
Mammals of Canada Banfield 1974   25
Butterflies of South EasternArizona Brock 1991   10
Field Guide to the Butterflies of Texas Neck 1996   25
Eighteenth Century Naturalists of Hudson's Bay Houston 2003   35
Stingless Bees Kwaping 1989   10
The Butterflies of Manitoba Klassen 1989   25
Damselflies of NA Westfall 1996   95
Butterflies of the World Lewis 1985           10
Birds and Mammals of Svalband Kovacs 2006   25
Birds and Mammals of Svalband menlum 1990   15
The Great Lakes Allen 1975   10 for set of 5
Voyages - Canada Heritage Rivers Noel 1995   20
Florida Wildflowers and Roadside Plants Bell/Taylor 1982   30
Meet the Natives: the amateur's field guide to Rocky Mtn wildflowers Pesman 1988 9th edition 10
Indian Wildlife - Sri Lanka/Nepal Insight Guide 1987   15
A Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife Proctor 2005   15
Canada's Boreal Forest Hemry 2002 autographed 50
Life in the Chesapeake Bay Hypson 1997 autographed 15
Geological Background of Physiology of NS Roland 1982   20
Budd's Flora of the Cdn. Prairie   1979   70
Wild Flowers of South China/Hong Kong Walden 1987 Part 1 15
Wild Flowers of South China/Hong Kong Walden 1987 Part 2 40
Frozen Oceans: the floating world of pack ice Thomas 2004   20
Field Guide to the Atmosphere Schreader/Day 1981   10
Amphibians and Reptiles of NS Gilhen 1984   10
Saskatchewan's Playground Waiser 1989   35
Sweden's National Parks Horneberg 2005   40
National Parks of Malasia WWF 1998   45
National Parks of Canada Maybank   French 10
The Basics of Bird Identification Birders Journal     25
A Birdwatching Guide to the Algarve Carlson, K     150
Cuban Forests: their history and characteristics Rodriguez     20
Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damelflies of Great Britain and Ireland   Brooks   10
The Collected Works of Grey Owl Belaney     20
Flora of Alberta Moss     30
Windjammers: songs of the Great Lakes Sailors Walton, I.; Grimm, J.     20
Where the Wind Blows: a guide to marine weather in Atlantic Canada       50
Birds Safari/ Safari Oiseaux in Senegal and Gambia       15
Birding in Atlantic Canada, 3 vols., Acadia, NS, NL Burrows, Roger     15 for all 3 vols.
Butterflies through Binoculars: the west. Glassberg, Jeffrey     10
Wild Birdwatchers I Have Known, More About Birdwatchers (Plus a memorial tribute - A Wild Birdwatcher We Have Known) Bennett, Gerry     15 for 2 vols.
Roger Tory Peterson at the Smithsonian Zusi, R.     30, signed by RTP
Algonquin Provincial Park - 10 guides and checklists (vascular plants,birds, dragonflies and damselflies, butterflies, trees, mushrooms,mammals, wildflowers, reptiles       30 for the set
Peterson Field Guide: western butterflies Opler, Wright     25
Las aves de Cuba: Garcia     20
Ten Historic Towns: heritage architecture in NL Newfoundland Historic Trust     10
A Birdwatcher's Guide to the Gambia Ward     10
A Practical Guide for the Amateur Naturalist Durrell     10
A Guide to the Birds of Nepal Inskipp     10
The Butterflies of North America Scott     30
British Columbia: a natural history Cannings     25
Lighthouses of Atlantic Canada: a pictorial guide Thompson     40
A Natural History of Kings County Blomidon Naturalists Society     10
Wilderness Man: the strange story of Grey Owl Dickson     10
Guide to Marine Mammals of the World National Audubon Society     10