Where to Bird in Nova Scotia

Birding is an activity that can be enjoyed virtually anywhere in the world, in environments ranging from urban cityscapes to open ocean, and in habitats as extremely different as parched tropical deserts and polar ice caps. Nova Scotia's climate is both moderate and seasonal, so the birding prospects vary enormously throughout the year. In addition to the many tens of resident species present throughout the year, spring brings a large influx of both passage and breeding migrants. The breeding season is relatively short, and by August, "fall" migration is underway as many of our breeding species prepare to leave, and those from further north stop over. Late autumn to early winter also represents the period of greatest vagrancy in Nova Scotia, where many unexpected species are observed. Finally, in the coldest months of year, Nova Scotia is the wintering ground for many arctic and subarctic species seeking our milder climate.

Nova Scotia has garnered a reputation as a premier birding region in North America, as it is geographically situated to be a vagrant trap on a continental scale. In fall, Nova Scotia regularly plays host to many wayward western species, and southern "reverse migrants" are common in both spring and fall. Every few years fall hurricane activity will bring even more exotic southern species, most recently Hurricane Arthur in early July 2014, and proximity to Europe means the occasional vagrant from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean will attract birders from around Canada and the United States.

This page is intended to be a collaborative effort to help both resident birders and visitors alike make the most of their birding time in Nova Scotia. The map is populated with all the sites from Blake Maybank's seminal Birding Sites of Nova Scotia, with the hope that Nova Scotia birders will contribute detailed and up-to-date site info and new locations to make this the digital home of birding site info in Nova Scotia.



Annapolis County

Antigonish County

Antigonish Sewage Lagoons (ANT-B3a)

Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Colchester County

Cumberland County

Digby County

Brier Island (DIGBY-A6)
Bay of Fundy Pelagic Birding (DIGBY-A7)

Guysborough County

Halifax Regional Municipality

NSCC Akerley Campus (HRM-C7)
Morris Lake North (HRM-C8)
Woodlawn Public Library (HRM-C9)
Prentice Lane (HRM-C10)
Hartlen Point (HRM-F7)

Hants County

Inverness County

Kings County

Grand Pre (KINGS-A1)
Coming Soon - Bigelow Nature Trail
Coming Soon - Old Rail Trail
Coming Soon - Bruce Spicer Park

Lunenburg County

Pictou County

Queens County

Richmond County

Shelburne County

Victoria County

Coming Soon - Bird Islands (VICT-C5)

Yarmouth County

Seal Island (YAR-E2c)

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