NSCC Akerley Campus (HRM-C7)

A quick stop in Fall and Winter while checking various places in Dartmouth for lingering migrants, is this wonderful greenbelt habitat of dense multiflora rose, stream bed and alders. Unfortunately the area is virtually inaccessible with no pathways, but the advantage is that you can view much of the area by standing in one spot and looking down from a hillside into the thickets below. Northern Cardinals are a sure bet here, Purple Finch, White-throated Sparrows, late warblers and vireos can be expected into December and has been a good place to find Bohemian Waxwing, Northern Mockingbird and Common Redpoll. Bordering residential homes normally have feeders and are worth checking for late blackbirds during Winter.

In Dartmouth, take Main Street (Rte 7) East to the intersection of Main St. and Woodlawn Road. Make a right turn onto Woodlawn Rd and then a left into the Campus of NSCC. Veer to the left and slowly follow the paved road to the rear of the college. Once in the parking lot, continue to the Southeast corner and park. Walk East to the embankment which will allow you a view of the area. Before leaving, check along the chain link fence bordering the greenbelt for orioles, chats and other warblers.

Submitted by Dave Currie

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