Prentice Lane (HRM-C10)

There are dozens of quick stops in the Dartmouth area that often produce unusual species or species that should have departed South much earlier. This is one of those interesting green spaces that has no pathways but may have great birds hidden in the dense multiflora rose thickets. December Orange-crowned Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat and Hermit Thrush have been found here more than once and White-crowned Sparrow and Indigo Bunting have been found in late Fall here. Northern Cardinals are resident and Purple Finch and White-throated Sparrow are often found here during fall and winter.

To get there, from Hwy 111, take the off-ramp 7W (Dartmouth Downtown, Portland Street) and follow Portland Street for a kilometer to so until you see Chestnut Lane on the left. Turn left and then an immediate left again onto Prentice Lane. Follow Prentice Lane to the end and park by the electrical sub-station. Follow the grassy area to get behind the station and you will see the dense cover ahead of you. Check the apple trees and cover on the slope adjacent to the substation for catbird, cardinal and sparrows.

Contributed by Dave Currie.

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