Volunteer Jobs

The Nova Scotia Bird Society offers a wide variety of programming, from field trips and meetings to community outreach. None of it would be possible without the contributions from the many volunteers who take on jobs both large and small. Interested in helping out with the various society activities? Please consult the linked document below and get in touch with us!

NSBS Volunteer Jobs

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Ways To Help the NSBS

NSBS Volunteer Positions

Seniors Outreach is a volunteer program we’re hoping to expand; so far Eleanor Parke is our only volunteer. Eleanor has just started this project, bringing smiles to the residents of a seniors' home in Metro by establishing bird feeders on that premises. Volunteers will share in the joy of bringing birds and birdsong into the lives of our elders. Follow-up visits to help ensure the feeders are being maintained properly are expected. Volunteers from around the province would be very welcome.

Field Trip Leaders – Our Field Trip leaders are competent bird IDers and capable guides who know our province’s excellent parks and trails. While Beginner Trips are considered the most valuable, all trips provide leaders with the opportunity to share information about the birds encountered, and with companionship that often leads to friendship. Walks can be anywhere from one hour to a whole day. All participants are required to sign liability forms.

A Swift Night Out – “A Swift Night Out” is a North America-wide effort to increase awareness and interest in Chimney and Vaux’s Swifts. As these aerial insectivores become increasingly at risk, public awareness becomes more vital. Our “A Swift Night Out” is a yearly function that usually takes place in Wolfville at the Robie Tufts Centre. The volunteer positions will have some degree of coordination with Blomidon Naturalists and the Pictou County “A Swift Night Out” group. We need volunteers for a number of jobs: to help host the event; to take responsibility for the NSBS banner; to provide fruits and sweets; and to set-up tables. These tasks are required for a few hours on a single evening.

Annual Sport and RV Show – This event takes place at Exhibition Park in Halifax beginning on a Thursday and ending on a Sunday each February.  We need a person to schedule people to run the booth, set up the table, and coordinate with organizers of the Darwin Group event.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Wine and Cheese – This is a once yearly responsibility that requires a leader for a group of volunteers in arranging and setting up two tables at the Museum in November for our AGM. This position is provided a budget to buy wine, cheese, juice and to rent tablecloths as needed. A liquor licence is required and the President will look after that.

Public/Instructional Talks – From time to time schools and groups including the NS Museum ask us to speak to patrons or children about birds. This volunteer position may appeal to you if you feel comfortable speaking in front of people, and if you’re able to talk about and answer questions about the birds of Nova Scotia.

Book Auctions – Periodically we have books that are donated to the society that can be auctioned to raise money for our programs. This auction takes place once a year, most often during the January monthly meeting. Volunteers will be responsible for gathering and sorting through books, arranging for a member auctioneer, compiling a list of available books, and ensuring the auction and the list of books are well advertised ahead of the event.

Facebook Administration – Currently we have 4000 members in our Facebook group. We have four administrators who accept new members and diplomatically enforce our guidelines for posting. The admins work together to decide on more difficult situations and to avoid potential problems with posted remarks or photos.

Merchandise and Sales – Volunteers will be responsible for the management and sales of NSBS clothing and gear (caps, tuques, t-shirts, sweaters, checklists, pins, and crests…); ensuring that the stock is accounted for; collecting the money for the merchandise and submitting the money monthly to the treasurer; and making sure that people receive their purchases.

Mailing – Our magazine goes out four times a year. Volunteers in charge of mailing will be responsible for picking up the magazines from the printer on Robie Street, Halifax; attaching pre-printed labels to the envelopes (and asking the executive to order envelopes as necessary); and sorting the magazines into bundles to then be dropped off at the Post Office. Currently there are only two people doing this job; we require two more to learn the process.

Editorial – You might be aware that most of the remaining section editors of our magazine, Nova Scotia Birds, are retired or semi-retired. To others of you among our Society members who have some time and interest in writing about our birds, we’d be happy to have your help. Section editors must be experienced birders who have knowledge of the past and current statuses of Nova Scotia’s birds.

Out of Town Meeting – The NSBS holds one meeting per year outside of Halifax. The volunteer(s) will book a speaker and field trip leaders; work out the schedule and logistics; seek a venue in which to hold the meeting; and secure accommodations for people who may want to over-night the weekend. Normally Friday night is check-in and a get together, and the meeting is held on Saturday night. Field trips are planned for both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Hosting the Regular Monthly Meeting – Currently we serve coffee, juice and sweets after the meetings (September, October, January, February, March and April). The volunteer(s) will make the coffee and pick up the juice, cream/milk, and sweets; expenses will be reimbursed. Volunteers need to arrive a bit early for the meetings in order to set-up, and then a clean-up is required when the meeting is over.

Monthly Meeting Speakers – Having a volunteer to seek out and engage people to come to our meetings and talk on bird-related subjects would be wonderful. We have many interesting and knowledgeable people throughout Nova Scotia who would be happy to speak to us; it’s just a matter of having the right person to do the asking.